Neck Lift

Neck lift surgery is usually performed in combination with face lift aesthetics. To perform neck lift, an incision is made behind the ears and it is extended to the scalp. Through this incision, the skin and the muscles of the neck are separated and stretched upwards. Then, these structures are fixed by placing internal sutures. Excess skin in the area is carefully excised and removed. The area is again carefully closed with sutures. This procedure corrects the wrinkles and loose appearance of the neck. The jaw angle is made distinctive and a tight and youthful neck appearance is formed. As the incisions are opened behind the ears during this procedure, there won’t be any visible scars.

If there are fat deposits under the chin, if the neck is saggy due to flabby muscles or if the jowl is deformed, these will be corrected during the operation. Fat deposits can be taken out by liposuction or through an incision made in the intervention area. If the intervention area is exposed, then flabby neck muscles can be tightened, too. This also helps to tighten the neck muscles. No sagging occurs due to removal of fat. Instead, the neck will become more explicit since the jaw angle is corrected.

How Long Does the Surgery Last?

Neck lifting is a procedure performed in a full-fledged hospital by putting the patient under general anesthesia. The duration of the procedure is approximately 3 hours. To prevent blood accumulation under the skin, drains are placed under the skin during the operation. These drains will remain under the skin for up to one day and they are removed before the patient is discharged. If the patient undergoes an intervention in the area under the jaw, bandages are placed in that region. The bandages remain there for almost one week.

Recovery after neck lift

After neck lifting, bruising, pain, tension, numbness, and swelling may occur in the patient’s neck. These are expectable situations. However, pain is not expected to disturb the patient. The patients’ degree of recovery is clearly good in 2-3 days.

The edema in the region decreases thoroughly in 10 days. However, full recovery of the swelling may take almost 3-6 months. It also depends on the body structure of the person. As the swelling decreases, both the tension and numbness in the region lose their effects.

Patients should avoid smoking for up to 3 weeks after the operation. It is also important to protect the skin from exposure to the sun. Sunscreen with over 30 SPF should be used, when needed.

What to take into considerations after neck lift?

Vitamin E, aspirin usage, and smoking are prohibited for our patients for 10 days before the surgery. If patients abide by the recommendations, they can recover with the least chance of experiencing any problems.

Since anesthesia is administered during the surgery, not much pain is experienced afterwards.

Special bandages are used for up to 4-5 days.

On the first day, patients are hospitalized because the drain is placed. It takes a week to get back to work and daily life. During that period, patients should stay away from engaging in heavy-duty and sports-related activities.

Patients may need to raise their pillows a little bit in the first days following the surgery. Applying ice in short terms may be needed to be applied on the intervention area to prevent edema and bruises.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Indications For Patients To Undergo Neck Lift Surgery?

Patients can undergo neck lift surgery to eliminate sagging neck tissue, flabby tissue caused by ageing, facial problems or any other issues occurring due to other types of aesthetic interventions.

Can Overweight People Undergo Neck Lift Surgery?

Neck lift surgery can be performed in overweight people. Sagging in the face and neck due to repetitive periods of losing and gaining weight can be corrected by neck lift surgery in our clinic.

How Is Neck Lift Surgery Performed?

The operation is successfully performed through an incision made behind the ear, which is primarily the least visible part of the face.

Which components of the body will be removed in neck lift surgery?

Band appearance and excess skin and fat deposits are removed in the neck lift surgery to eliminate the unaesthetic look.

Can Neck Lift Be Performed Alone?

Neck lifting surgery can be performed alone or in combination with face lift surgery.

Should I Undergo Only Neck Lift Surgery?

The most correct answer to this question is given by the patients themselves. After determining the disorders or defects that affect the appearance of the patient, our surgeons decide the type of the operations to be performed; at the same time considering the health condition, wishes, and the realistic expectations of patients.

How Is the Period Before the Neck Lift Surgery?

When patients come to our hospital, we perform a thorough research on them to evaluate their detailed medical history including chronic diseases if any. After that research, the patient’s complaints are identified. Then, the patient is informed about the operation and the operation is scheduled.

Is Neck Lift Surgery Risky?

As with any surgical intervention, there are risks in neck lift surgery. Since only small incisions will be made behind the ear to perform the surgery, the risks of surgery will be set aside with meticulous care to be exercised after the neck lift.

Is Swelling or Bruising Expected After Neck Lift?

Swelling and bruising normally occur after any surgical procedure. As the intervention is performed in the fat tissue and skin, swelling and bruising may occur after neck lift surgery, but this problem can be eliminated by keeping a healthy diet and with an attentive postoperative care.

How Long Does It Take for The Swelling and Bruising to Recover After the Surgery?

The body’s response to the operation depends on its metabolic structure and conditions of care; however, swelling and bruising will disappear one week later, on an average.

How Long Does the Neck Lift Surgery Last?

Although the duration of the operation is variable based on the procedures to be performed, it takes approximately 2-3 hours.

How Long should the Patient stay in the Hospital After Neck Lift Surgery?

Drains are placed at the intervention area during the operation in order to prevent blood accumulation. The patient is discharged from the hospital when the drain is removed on the next day after the surgery.

Do Complaints Such as Tensed Skin or Burning Sensation Occur After the Surgery?

During the surgery, the intervention involves the fat tissue and skin; therefore, the skin may feel tense or a burning sensation may occur as complaints.

Is Smoking an Obstacle for Neck Lift Surgery?

Smoking should be stopped for an average of 3 weeks before surgery.

Are There Going to be Any Accessories to be Used After the Surgery?

After the operation, bandages will be applied to keep the neck firm and upright for a week. At the end of that period, the bandages will be removed under the supervision of your surgeon.

Who Cannot Undergo Neck Lift Surgery?

Those who consume high amounts of alcohol and cigarettes, who cannot tolerate the effects of surgery, and who underwent neck surgery before cannot be operated in the short term to get prepared to achieve appropriate preconditions for the surgery.

Will the Achieved Outcomes of Neck Lift Surgery be Permanent?

The outcomes of neck and face lift surgery are probably the longest-lasting when compared to those of all other types of aesthetic surgeries. However, sagging may occur again due to aging and short and consecutive periods of weight gain and loss.

How Many Years Can a Person Look Younger After the Neck Lift?

If every precondition is normal, neck lift surgery provides the individual with an appearance 10 to 15 years younger.

What Should be Avoided Before Surgery?

Smoking and alcohol consumption, aspirin, and vitamin E should be stopped at least ten days before the surgery.

What Are the Risks of Neck Lift Surgery?

Problems like bruising and swelling can be encountered after the surgery.

What Can I Get After the Neck Lift Surgery?

You will acquire the appearance that our specialists showed you on the computer before the operation. You are going to have a rejuvenated and taut neck, as well as acquiring a neck appearance aligned with your facial profile.

Can I Dye My Hair After Neck Aesthetics?

You should not dye your hair for one month on the average after the operation.

Does Ice Treatment Do any Harm on the Recovery of Bruises?

No! After the surgery, you can quickly improve the appearance of bruises and swelling by applying ice on the intervention area.

Does Nerve Damage Occur in Neck Lift Surgery?

Although the risk is low, it is not unlikely to experience some degree of loss of sensation and nerve injury after the intervention in the neck tissue. However, most of nerve injuries will be restored after a while.

Will Hair Loss Occur After Neck Lift?

Since the surgery is performed through small incisions behind the ears, hair loss may occur but will not be noticeable.

Which types of anesthesia are administered to the patient during the procedure?

We administer either general or local anesthesia to our patients during the procedures. However, we prefer to administer the general anesthesia most commonly to eliminate the risk of patient moving and to prevent adverse consequences when the operation is performed with local anesthesia.

Can I opt for the removal of submental fat?

We are competent to offer all kinds of solutions for any issue raised by the patients before the procedures. The sagging appearance under the chin and the accumulated fat can be removed in the same session.


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