Esthetic Surgery of the Genital Area


lazer-vajina-daraltmaGenital Area Aesthetics

Genital area aesthetics includes a series of surgical procedures applied to improve the appearance of women's genital organs. Like many aspects of the human anatomy, female genital organs have a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and views that are within normal limits. Before any surgical intervention, it is important to determine whether there really is a problem with the genitals or if there is another solution.

People can continue their work and social activities shortly after aesthetic operations. Thanks to the trust-based communication between the patient and the doctor, satisfactory results are obtained after the procedures. With advanced medical techniques, patients can easily achieve the results they want.

Labial Correction, Shrink

Labial correction involves a series of procedures designed to reduce the size of the 'inner lips' of the vagina. The most common reason why women demand this operation is that the labia are perceived as looking big and aesthetically not pleasing. Some women state that the large size of their labia is noticed in tight clothing or disturbs themselves in activities such as cycling.

Vaginal Tightening (Vaginoplasty)

The vagina being larger than normal is one of the leading sexual problems. Because the incompatibility between the vagina and the male organ can cause problems with orgasm of both partners. Vaginoplasty aims to eliminate this problem.

Vaginal tightening operations are also requested by women who state that their vagina is usually relaxed after birth or with age.


The clitoral cap is the tissue that covers and surrounds the clitoris, the delicate and stimulating erectile tissue of the woman. This tissue or cap can usually grow with an enlarged labia minora. The enlargement of the clitoral cover can negatively affect sexual pleasure during sexual intercourse. In addition, women with an enlarged clitoral cap may also request an improved cosmetic look.

The function of the clitoris alone is to create sexual pleasure. The clitoris, equivalent to the penis of the man, is covered with a cap (similar to the male's foreskin). Sometimes this cap or tissue coating can be large and cause the clitoris to be excited. An excess can also be uncomfortable when wearing a swimsuit or tight-fitting clothing.

Mons - Lift

Mons pubis is a soft, round tissue floor above the pubic bone just above the female genital area. As women age, after birth or with weight gain / loss, this area may change, grow, or have excess skin. Sometimes it expand so much that this area looks more masculine and spreads out of clothes. Many women are dissatisfied with this appearance and the difficulty in sexual pleasure it causes.

To correct this situation, excess fat is removed by liposuction. It can also be lifted and combined with an abdominal fold to give this area a more fluid look.

Birth Marks (Perinoplasty)

Treatment of perinoplasty is the correction of the rupture in the perineum during delivery. Problematic or painful deliveries can cause serious deformations in the perineum. The purpose of perinoplasty is to correct postpartum sutures, deformations and obtain an aesthetic appearance.

Hymen / Hymenoplasty

Hymenoplasty is an aesthetic method applied to correct the virginal membrane. Correction of the hymen can be done for various reasons. Hymenoplasty is the surgical correction of a membrane that partially prevents vaginal opening. The hymen is located 1-2 cm behind the entrance to the vagina and can be torn completely or partially due to sexual intercourse, accidents and trauma.

Although there are two basic techniques, the technique known as 'permanent hmenoplasty' is preferred and recommended. Permanent hmenoplasty is a result of the hymen that can be preserved for years with tissue from the vagina and should be done at least 2 months before sexual intercourse.

It is a procedure that can be performed under local anesthesia. It does not require hospitalization. Hymen repairs can only be noticed at the examination of a specialist.

Genital Whitening

Although many alternative solutions have been proposed for the dark pigmentation problem of the skin in the genital area, none of these treatments give completely permanent and satisfactory results. Topical chemicals applied to the anal area cause many skin problems and moreover the results are temporary.

Since the skin in this area is very sensitive, the most effective and advanced way to remove hyperpigmentation is laser application. CO2 laser vulvar technology is preferred to lighten skin color in the genital anal area and to achieve permanent results.


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